Why choose Diamondback Restoration, a professional insurance loss and restoration services company?

We understand an insurance claim due to a disaster is a complex experience. Our clientele benefit from over 50 years of combined industry experience in damage assessment and restoration of commercial, industrial, retail, multi-family, and religious structures. We understand the importance of maintaining your business without disruptions. Therefore, our trained professionals manage the entire project so you can keep your focus on your growing business. We have your best interest in mind and only provide the highest quality of workmanship and warranties in the industry.

When should I perform roof inspections?

Your roof may need to be replaced depending on age or damage due to a natural disaster. Requesting a regular, detailed inspection can help you avoid further property damage as it can take years for storm damage to be discovered. Our recommendation is to perform a roof walk-over every six months and a complete inspection annually.

Is Diamondback Restoration local?

As an affective insurance loss restoration company, we go where disasters have created an urgent need. We are national, so yes, we are local. Diamondback Restoration operates in 22 of the 50 US states with our corporate office located in Houston, Texas. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or to schedule an onsite meeting. You can visit our website at diamondbackUS.com to see a full list of locations.

Why is it important that I sign a contingency contract?

Because the cost of labor and material can fluctuate during a project, a contingency contract protects you from any unforeseen expenses. With Diamondback, you can feel safe knowing that we assume the risk and you will have no cost other than your deductible and applicable co-insurance.

What if my insurance has denied my claim?

Often, insurance adjusters can overlook damage and claims are denied. Since storm damage is our expertise, we can diagnose the damage from hail and wind that is sometimes not easily visible. As always, a consultation and roof assessment are completely free. Let us give you a second opinion. We find the damage that is typically overlooked!

Is it necessary to obtain three bids?

No matter how many bids you receive, your contractor does not determine the cost of your project; your insurance carrier does. Save your valuable time by choosing a company with trained professionals who deal specifically with storm damage to ensure nothing is overlooked. Most roofing companies do not truly understand insurance loss. Diamondback Restoration does and will ensure damage to your property is NOT overlooked!

What does it cost to work with Diamondback Restoration?

Our insurance loss consulting services are always free. We focus on the damages and create a full and accurate scope of work needed to restore these properties back to their pre-storm condition and will present this scope of work to your insurance carrier. If your claim is denied, you do not owe us anything. If it is approved, once the insurance carrier has determined the cost based on this scope, we will then repair/replace the items damaged to the property at no upfront cost to you other than your deductible and applicable co-insurance.

How is the scope of work and cost of repairs determined?

Diamondback Restoration meets project goals by consulting with property owners, management companies, and their adjusters to develop solutions for their properties that have been adversely affected by weather related disasters. We are not public adjusters, nor are we just another run of the mill roofing company claiming to be “insurance specialist”. We do however specialize in the assessment and recovery of the losses covered by insurance when these events, which include, hail, wind, flood, and fire occur. We do not address policy issues, rather we focus on the damages and create a full and accurate scope of work. The cost is then set by a third party, “Xactimate”, the industry standard software also used by the insurance companies.

Does Diamondback only replace and repair roofs?

When disaster strikes our clients depend on us to restore not only their roof systems, but ALL the damages associated with these losses by guiding them throughout the entire claims and construction process until they have been completely restored. This not only includes the roof systems, but also HVAC equipment, siding, doors (including roll ups), windows, lighting, and more!

How will day-to-day operations be affected while my roof is repaired/replaced?

Diamondback is committed to the success and safety of your business. Therefore, we will work with your team to create a flexible project schedule that enables your business to continue to run virtually uninterrupted. You can rest assured that each step of the process will be communicated to you, so you always know what to expect. We simplify the entire process for YOU, so you can focus on YOUR business!

Does my new roof have a warranty?

Diamondback offers workmanship and manufacturers warranties. Many warranties come with a NDL (No Dollar Limit) up to 30 years from the manufacturer. Moreover, you have the option to customize your warranty according to your business’s needs.

Has the value of my building been affected by hail and wind damage?

Unfortunately, damage due to hail and wind can have a major effect on the value of your building, your greatest asset. If you are planning on selling, unknown damages can give potential buyers reason to offer less or even back out. Take advantage of our free consultation and assessment so we can get the process started to fully repair your building and its value!

What can I do to prolong the life of my roof?

Maintaining your roof properly can help avoid premature deterioration. Here are the necessary steps you can take to prolong the life of your roof:

  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Perform a walk-over every six months.
  • Keep roof clear of debris.
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed away from the roof.
  • Prevent and immediately cure ice dams.

To aid in the regular upkeep of your roof, Diamondback offers a preventative maintenance program which includes inspections, common roof component repairs (flashings, drains, curbs, etc.), and other preventative maintenance.